Lescoin: first token for the timber industry

DAO Lescoin (Lescoin) is an investment fund based on Ethereum blockchain that allows its participants to receive dividends from the timber enterprise in Russia. International wood and timber trade will provide the investors with stable profits as the demand from wholesale buyers  is constantly growing which are  primarily the furniture factories of China .

Lescoin achieves high profitability by using the modern technologies of logging and reforestation. At Lescoin's plantations, transgenic (TG) seeds of coniferous trees supplied by the industry leader – Monsanto Biocorp from USA. The seeds have unique parameters of growth and adaptability to different climate conditions. The fund has a strong competitive advantage by introducing this biotechnology into Russia. To date, Lescoin is the only enterprise in the market capable of growing TG-trees.

Fund raising will be conducted through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in November 2017 and aims to raise USD 14.9 million to tap into this lucrative and currently untapped market. Each LSC issued and sold is based on 1mof rough wood from the plantation.

Highlights of the ICO

  • Management team are experts in their industry
  • Each Lescoin is secured by 1 cubic metre of wood
  • Profitable and reliable asset in the real economy
  • Dividends expected to be paid out from 6 months after ICO depending on profitability
  • Investment fund in a reliable jurisdiction with minimal tax burden
  • It is expected that through diversification and expansion, dividend growth will be stable

Key advantages

  • Investments in the Russian timber industry promises high profits, but foreign investors are often discouraged by technical and legal barriers
  • Already has 10 years experience in the timber industry and international wood and timber trade.
  • Existing capability to transport goods from the Russian Far East to China by railways without intermediaries.
  • No known obstacles for foreign investors
  • Increased logging turnover by having trees of accelerated growth pace: up to 3 meters per year depending on environmental conditions
  • Benefit from full-cycle timber production by implementing reforestation technology

You can find out more by visiting DAO Lescoin.

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